Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inspirational Videos

A few days ago, an African American man achieved the highest position in the most powerful nation in the world; the thought of which was just a dream less than 50 years ago. The power of the human spirit is amazing. If you really want something, it is truly within your grasp, if and only if you really, really want it, and are willing to work for it. Looking into the world of business, here is the inspirational speech given by Steve Jobs for the commencement Speech at The Stanford University in 2005 and one from Bill Gates given at The Harvard University. But some times things don't go so well and life throws some curve balls, but to face it bravely or to be defeated by it is truly your own choice. I ran across this amazing video of an amazing man with an inspirational message about how to get up when you are down.

If that didn't inspire you enough, heres another amazing video of two other amazing people who have made the best of what they have. The message is simple; life is what you make of it.

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