Sunday, January 11, 2009

Foreclosures rise in Gwinnett

The number of foreclosures recorded in the Gwinnett Daily Post's legal section for the Gwinnett county has hit an all time high of 1,685 properties. These properties will be auctioned at the county courthouse next month. Even though you may be able to find a good deal, buying foreclosure properties has its own set of pitfalls. If you are considering buying foreclosure properties at auctions, read this well written article titled "Should I buy a foreclosed property?" by Monika McGillicuddy. If you are facing the unfortunate prospects of foreclosure, please read this article I wrote a while back on Foreclosure Prevention, to find the help you need.

Here are some auction sites I found for Atlanta. I am neither affiliated with any of these companies, nor have I used any of their services, so I cannot recommend or warn you about these companies. If you are looking for the auctions conducted by the county court house, they are generally held on the first Tuesday of every month at the county court house.
Williams & Williams
Interstate Auction Company
Atlanta Foreclosure Homes
Hudson and Marshall
Georgia Foreclosure Listings
Neighbors Auction

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