Monday, November 3, 2008

The Last Chance

Here is the story of a Real American, who unlike Joe the Plumber, faught the war in Iraq when asked, without question, and kept a blog of his life story. This is the Real American that we should be talking about, not a Joe Blow the Plumber! Continuing on the Bush's footsteps, here is the story of students being escorted from a McCain campaign event to the tune of Minority Report, a 2002 movie about arresting people before a crime is commited.

Tomorrow, Nov 4th, 2008, aka the Election Day, we have a very important choice to make; do we continue along the path of failure by handing the torch to the same Republican party that has brought us so much grief or do we try to correct the ship by voting for change... change that we so desperately need now, as we witness the down fall of this great country.  This is the day to let our voice be heard. Let us vote for the right reasons, not for the promise of virtual dollar bills that are being promised to be stuffed into our pockets. Let us vote for the promise of a better future and for a better America.

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